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    List of Alt Characters Empty List of Alt Characters

    Post  Akiha on Tue Jun 21, 2011 3:48 am

    Hello People,

    If you have an alt and would like to add it to the guild, make sure it is a toon that you play equally if not more often than your main. We also expect your alts to reach the guild level requirement in as soon as possible after joining the guild.

    If you would like to add an alt, please reply with your main ID and your alt ID. You are allowed a maximum of two characters in guild. All addition characters will be guildless for the time being until we sort out other problems at hand.

    Please note that alts are allowed to make up only 25% of the guild. Once our capacity is maxed out, we will direct alts to a storage guild. You're welcome to deposit the less active alts there as well.

    Total Alts: 33/150 (22%)


    Aeolos - Rustie
    Arizl - MistyL *
    Armorbank - Razanna
    Atlaz - Zalo
    BlanchyF - Blanchy
    Blackryno - Supra8
    Deese - Exploding
    Desdamona - Desdemona
    Dimensic - Salvus
    Dmetria - ZannX *
    Dothania - ZannX *
    Eeeve - HybridFrog *
    Eizendrake - Fauzt
    Ellusin - Libertae
    Haumosydal - Necrobus
    Hushies - MistyL *
    IronFury - RelicSaber
    JCrew - Pinkberry007
    Khylisa - Kortilia
    Lambochan - Henessy
    Lokhos - Locos
    MikuMiku - Konishii
    PaperGangsta - MindGazelle
    PorkWing - Suagu
    Protean - SwiftSpells
    Raigami - Kesuto
    RickyBlaze - Sh0ckWav3
    SgtCupcake - StarofMight
    ShaQarok - HybridFrog *
    Sonozaki - Akiha
    SotHisisIt - FoUrCakes
    SpectreX - Spectress
    Taran - Aerosol
    Tiana - EstAffectus
    Twenty - Bogus
    Vecter - Furnark

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