Post  RBend on Thu Apr 14, 2011 9:12 pm

    Character name: RealityBend
    Class: Evie - Pure Staff
    Are you level 55 or above ? yes, I am currently 55
    How active are you ? I'm pretty Active, I'm on almost every day for several hours
    Can you solo Hidden on Hard SoM ? I'm not sure but probably if i transformed and used a Golem shouldn't be too much of a problem,
    Do you enjoy farming titles ? i do, i currently have 184 titles and growing
    Why do you want to join us ? Seem like a good group from what i heard, and have read on the forms, and u have a lot of members which mean more members will likely be on at any time. that and SilentAngel referred me.
    Do you agree to be as helpful as you can (if you help out, you're more likely to receive help) ? of course i help people out a lot, that what staff evies are made for helping people out. when i get low on coins i run lots the first places mission to help people out, get seals and work on random titles.
    You have reviewed our guild rules, found here ? yes i have

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    Re: Application-RealityBend

    Post  Akiha on Thu Apr 14, 2011 9:18 pm

    hey bend, don't forget to finalize your forum registration. I've accepted you in game btw, welcome. Smile3

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