Application: Vanshyron



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    Application: Vanshyron

    Post  chaozai007 on Sun Dec 26, 2010 9:00 pm

    Character name:Vanshyron

    Character class: Lann

    Are you over level 40?
    No, I am 39 but almost 40 ,I will work hard during holidays. I am sure that I will be above 40 before Jan 1st

    Activity: 1-5, :

    I think I belong to 4. I have work to do on regular weekday,but I am online almost every evening after 6PM,but I cannot guarantee how long I play on weekday.It's just for relax after one day work :D. I am pretty sure I will be online on every weekend, and I have enough time to play.

    Why do you want to join

    A lady asked me to join . I have no guild ,so why not ? I am interested.

    What can you do for this guild:

    If I am online I will be very glad to help members pass the quests or items. hopefully I am a good player:D

    I have carefully go through the rules of guild. If you would like give me a test, then I will not affaid of it .XD

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    Re: Application: Vanshyron

    Post  Akiha on Sun Dec 26, 2010 9:02 pm

    Approved! welcome to the guild. ZOMG

    Just send a request in game and we will add you. Smile3

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