Membership Application-Bogatyr [ACCEPTED]


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     Membership Application-Bogatyr [ACCEPTED] Empty Membership Application-Bogatyr [ACCEPTED]

    Post  bogatyr on Thu Aug 04, 2011 5:03 pm

    Character Name:Magnataur
    Character Level:63
    Your title count:182
    How long you've been playing: 3 months
    A brief description of yourself: I'm an outgoing and active gamer. I set goals and I achieve them through persistent farm fest if I have too Muahaha. I play a bunch of games although mostly vindictus at the moment. Also this emote is the greatest thing ever Object
    Do you voice chat:I have vent and ts3, for whatever reason raidcall wont let me register an account, after I click to submit my registration it just stops, so I wont have raidcall in till I figure out how to fix this.
    Can you host boats:Usually I cant unless its really late at night.
    Reason for wanting to join Illusion:This is a team based game, so I clearly need to join a team that can communicate well. From the description that was given in the recruitment forum this seems like a great guild so I want to give it a try.
    If you're above 60, best time you will be around to do Thor/Titan (test):7-11 pm est

    Edit: Raidcall register got fixed so I now have raidcall.

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     Membership Application-Bogatyr [ACCEPTED] Empty Re: Membership Application-Bogatyr [ACCEPTED]

    Post  pinkberry on Sat Aug 06, 2011 1:32 pm


    Sorry for the wait~ Welcome to the Guild!
    I'll accept you right away :3
    Let's get that title count 200+! Don't forget to join title farming parties!

    Happy Gaming,

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