Membership Application: Petrify [ACCEPTED]


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    Membership Application: Petrify [ACCEPTED] Empty Membership Application: Petrify [ACCEPTED]

    Post  Petrify on Mon Aug 01, 2011 9:44 pm

    Character Name: Petrify (Scythe Evie)

    Character Level: 34 (Going up by 2-3 levels everyday)

    Your title count:75 (also going up everyday)

    How long you've been playing: I played a Lann in beta but I quit a little after the offical release because of college.

    A brief description of yourself: I'm a college student looking to have a group of fun and active people to hang out with. I used to play WoW and I am really into the whole mentality of a close-knit guild.

    Do you voice chat:Yes, I have vent and can download raidcall.
    Can you host boats: Yes, but only when I return back to college in early September, my home internet can't handle it.

    Reason for wanting to join Illusion: I saw your advertisement on the Nexon forums and I thought you guys were a nice group of people. I looked through the introduction forums at the pictures and that furthered my outlook. I know you only have a 1:9 chance of taking anyone under level 60 but I promise I can be there in no time, I'm just asking for the chance. Thanks for reading, hopefully I'll see you online!

    If you're above 60, best time you will be around to do Thor/Titan (test): N/A, but I play to much, so when the time comes I can be on whenever pretty much.

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    Membership Application: Petrify [ACCEPTED] Empty Re: Membership Application: Petrify [ACCEPTED]

    Post  pinkberry on Tue Aug 02, 2011 11:23 am

    Hi Petrify! Smile3

    Hello, I'm Aly~ Hehe I noticed that you friended me earlier :o
    I tried to click accept but the friend bug kept on trolling me :x
    Alright you sound like the type of under req. level people we're looking for!

    Welcome to the Guild ~ but don't force yourself to level so hard to the point where
    you don't enjoy the game anymore! We game for fun right? :D But getting to the 60's
    as soon as possible is also a good thing so that you can hop onto raids with us and just play more with everyone else in general!

    Also just remember as you're leveling take some extra time to make sure you get all the easy titles along the way (i.e. playing certain bosses twice) ~ also remember to micro contribute to the more tedious titles so that by the time you are caught up in level with everyone else you will not be 2/50 SOM Irukul hehe.

    But just know that when you're with us we want you to have fun but game seriously! :) And close knit? HELL YEAH hehe just get Raidcall and we'll be best friends in no time.

    Mmm, I'm at work right now so I can't accept you but if you send an in-game application I will ask another admin. to add you!

    If you have any Questions or Concerns feel free to email me at!

    Hope to see you in game soon, and Happy Gaming!

    - pinkberry

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