Membership application Chiaking/Konomi



    Membership application Chiaking/Konomi

    Post  Chiaking on Thu Apr 21, 2011 4:39 am

    Character name:
    Class:Chiaking (Hybrid Evie), Konomi (Hybrid Fiona)
    Are you level 55 or above ? Yes 65 Evie and 64 Fiona
    How active are you ? On everyday
    Can you solo Madness ? Never tried but probably can on my Fiona and now with Evie update, probably with my evie also.
    Do you enjoy farming titles ? If i have the time. Sure i can.
    Why do you want to join us ? I think what matters most in the game especially in a guild is friendliness and honesty. Mainly looking for unity and helping one another out.
    Do you agree to be as helpful as you can ? Yup..."Pay it Forward" is something i believe in.
    You have reviewed our guild rules, found here ? Yes i have read the rules.

    Notes: I am located in California. Seeking guild that has some West Coast players on. Reason why i joined East server was i had friends who were on but have quit Vindictus and i do not want to start over on West Server. I will probably be one of the oldest in guild if accepted. Don't have much to talk about unless it is game related or something that i can relate to.

    Final note i do work full time. I am on all day tuesday/wednesday but other days i won't be on till 1am EST. Saturdays 10pm EST.

    I do appreciate an honest answer if you think or don't think i will fit into the guild. I am particularly interested if you have players located on the west coast. If you have questions or need clarifications please do ask. Sorry for being so long winded. Frustrated

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    Re: Membership application Chiaking/Konomi

    Post  Akiha on Fri Apr 22, 2011 12:08 pm

    Hey chia, i've accepted your guild app in game. About 90% of the guild are older than 20, so I think you'll fit right in (we also have about 30+ people playing right into the early mornings along with many California based players). we do have a few kids amongst our ranks, if they say anything you don't like, just ignore them. thumb thumb

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