Illusion Academy Application Pioli (Dsiddia Alt)



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    Illusion Academy Application Pioli (Dsiddia Alt)

    Post  superjack010 on Fri Jun 03, 2011 4:24 pm

    * Character Name/Level/Class: Pioli 38 Lann
    * Reason for wanting to join the Academy versus other guilds: I've found this guild very nice, And very fun.
    * Activeness: Not as much as my main but decent
    * List of previous guilds(if applicable): None
    * What do you expect from our guild: I already know what to expect XD
    * What can you give to the guild/community: A helped that can die alot XD
    * Short-term and-long term goals in the game: Short Term: Get Lagho Set: Long Term: Reach Level 52
    * Have you read and agree to uphold the rules found here: I have
    * Understands that being a member is a privilege, not a right: I do.

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    Re: Illusion Academy Application Pioli (Dsiddia Alt)

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