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    Konishii's Member App

    Post  Konishi on Sat May 21, 2011 2:41 am

    - Character Name/Level/Class: Konishii/68/Lann
    - Age:23
    - Reason for wanting to join Illusion: Seems like a organized and respectful guild. :3
    - How Active: I play everyday, around 6 hours a day.
    - Do you like to farm titles: Yep.
    - Can you duo Madness on Hard Macha with an admin: Ussually i do it with a friend, then i think i can do. o:
    - What do you expect out of the guild:A good place to make new friends and good runs. ^.^
    - What can you give to the guild/community:To be serious i like do some hard dungs/raids with a nice ppl. But i like help others with titles, farm itens for equips and other things ^-^
    * Short term and long term goals in the game: Short: Break Thor tongue for finally make my dreamwalker sword. Long: Idk, maybe i'll try do a +10 dark crest and probably +10 dreamwalker sword. Still playing with my Fiona too, most for farm this one day raids.
    - Have you read and agree to uphold the rules found here: Totally :p
    - Understands being a member is a privilege, not a right: Yep.

    (~^ o^)~

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    Re: Konishii's Member App

    Post  Jin on Sat May 21, 2011 2:57 am

    Have you applied in game? Just apply and the admins will accept you as soon as possible. Smile3

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