Guild Application: xRANDALx [Accepted]


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    Guild Application: xRANDALx [Accepted]

    Post  Akiha on Sun May 15, 2011 9:13 pm

    xRANDALx 61 lann-sword.
    23 O.o
    I want to join, this guild cause ive been guildless for quite awhile, i barely seen anyone in this guild acting a fool or stuck-up,
    i play this game every day, notmuch as i used to...but i still be here.
    id like to farm stuff, i just never have anyone to do it with.
    the madness hard macha...sounds like suicide, but as long as i can use anything, then its all good "trans" lol. i gotta get better with my lann.
    the last guild i was in was "BlackDragon"
    i expect the guild to be mature and not a bunch of nasty foolish talk, just to be a guild...not loners.
    i can be of help to the guild in dungeons...even though i suck, im still willin to lend a hand.
    i dont rly have any goal in the game, i just play for fun, maybe ill be a true pro one day O.o
    i read the rules. im a be honest, i just looked thru em, but im not the type to break anything
    ill send another message with the rest of the info.

    Just a copy for record keeping purposes.

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